The investigation area is located in Helmand province at south western part of Afghanistan, between 668965.38 m E, 3589438.26 m N, 704949.33 m E, 3566771.94 m N, and center of the project is about 90 km far away on the north east of Lashkargah city.

This project consists of the geological, engineering geology and geotechnical characteristics of Zamin Davar Irrigation Project.

In general, Zamin Davar Irrigation Project comprises a water conveyance system including an intake structure, a pump station, and water conveyance systems like canals. The project has aimed to supply water from Kajaki Dam and develop the farmlands located in Zamin Davar, Helmand, Afghanistan.

The main objectives of Helmand River Basin Development project were as follows:

1) Detail design of Zamin Davar Main Canals (the Conveyance Canals, M1, M2 Canals and the Conduit), secondary and tertiary canals, extension of new irrigation system and improvement plan for existing irrigation system.

2) Detail design of Structures (Intake Structure & tunnel, Pump Station & Delivery Pond) for controlling water for irrigation and ground water recharge between Kajaki dam catchment and Zamin Davar Catchment for natural streams and main, secondary and tertiary canals.


Omran Geo Technic Company reviewed the Pre-feasibility study of Zamin Davor (refer to Kajaki irrigation project reconnaissance report) and conducted a thorough geotechnical investigation along the alignment of canals (main, secondary and tertiary), pipes, location of pump station and location of intake to cover all command area of the site as addressed in the pre-feasibility study. The downstream irrigation configuration of Zamin Davor irrigation project as described in the pre-feasibility study was reexamined by the OGC in the initial stages of the project.

Summary of Field Works in Zamin Davar:

-  341 Test Pits in 4 m depths are completed in Canal Alignments

-  7 Boreholes completed on pump station.

-  10 Borrow Source, Permeable & Impermeable are completed.

-  3 Borrow Source for Rock Riprap (Quarry Site) are Completed.

-  50 test pits completed on gross command area 

-  5 Boreholes completed on the water intake structure.

-  117 GTP by 2m depth excavated in Gross Command Area.

-  12 leaching test completed in Gross Command Area.

-  8 Boreholes (TBH#1~3, WBH#1~5) are ongoing in the water intake structure.