Geo-technical Study of Kunduz Hospital, Kunduz, Afghanistan

Geo-technical Study of Kunduz Hospital,MSF.

MSF is the Client of this Project.
Omran Geotechnical Company (OGC) is the Contractor for performing the Geo-technical investigation for this project.

Kunduz Project: In regard to design and eventually build a new Trauma Centre on a parcel of land and it is located in the south west of Kunduz city, Afghanistan. The purpose of the geo-technical investigation is to obtain information on the physical properties of the existing soil and rock in the construction site and on the levels of ground water in order to be able to dimension the necessary foundations for the building.
The following activities have been performed in this project:

  1. Drilling of some boreholes with 9 to 25 m depth for soil sampling
  2. Percolation tests in depth of 2 to 3 m below ground surface
  3. SPT tests
  4. Soil classification according to Unified Soil Classification System (ASTM D 2487)
  5. Atterberg limits (ASTM D 4318)
  6. Field density by sand cone method (ASTM D 1556)
  7. Modified lab compaction, MDD or (Modified proctor) (ASTM D 1557)
  8. Laboratory CBR (ASTM D 1883)
  9. Unconfined compressive strength of cohesive soil (ASTM D 2166)
  10. Direct Shear (ASTM D 3080)
  11. Consolidation (ASTM D 2435)
  12. Soil Chemical Analysis (Sulphate, Chloride and pH)
  13. Infiltration rates and permeability of soil
  14. Water table levels encountered at the different locations
  15. Soil Bearing Capacity Analysis for Foundation
  16. Settlement Analysis for Foundation


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