The Shaida Copper Exploration Project: Pioneering the Future of Mining in Afghanistan

Client: Silk Road Mining

Contractor: Omran Geotechnic Company

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the groundbreaking Shaida Copper Exploration Project, marking a historic milestone as the first and only large-scale mine exploration endeavor in Afghanistan. Undertaken for Silk Road Mining, this project showcases OGC's unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results and highlights the immense potential of mining ventures in the region.

The project encompassed a comprehensive range of activities, including geophysical and geological surveys, geological map development, and extensive rock and soil sampling. Through meticulous execution, our team gained invaluable insights into the geological composition and mineral potential of the project area.

With 1,500 meters of drilling, sampling, testing, and downhole surveying, our team's relentless efforts have significantly enhanced the accuracy and reliability of our findings. The successful execution of the Shaida Copper Exploration Project stands as a testament to our ability to navigate challenging environments and deliver exceptional outcomes.

The completion of the Shaida Copper Exploration Project holds immense promise for the mining industry in the region. It underscores the vast potential of Afghanistan's mineral resources, positioning the country as a highly promising destination for mining investments and future development.

We proudly present the official completion certificate for the Shaida Copper Exploration Project, underscoring OGC's commitment to excellence, innovation, and responsible mineral resource development in Afghanistan:


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