Omran Mining and Geo Technic Company (OMG) is a US based company offering Consulting, and Engineering services across the globe. We have offices in Virginia (United States), Afghanistan, Dubai, and Turkey. OMG has great potential and experiences in mining, consultation, and Engineering fields. During the last 15 years, we have successfully accomplished more than 1000 geotechnical, geological, water resource management, mining, environmental, hydropower, and energy projects in different parts of Afghanistan/region working for clients such as USACE, USAID, US Embassy, US DoD, and international companies. OMG is registered locally in Afghanistan as Omran Geo Technics Co (OGC). We are US Army Corps of Engineers and Afghanistan Builders Association certified firm operating throughout Afghanistan, delivering comprehensive consultancy services. Managed by a team of qualified engineers, scientists and technicians, OMG specializes in planning and conducting desk studies, geotechnical, environmental, water sector projects and laboratory testing and detailed reporting services.
OGC/OMG provides superb geotechnical, geophysics, geoscience, engineering design and laboratory testing services to enable clients mitigate technical, environmental and socio-cultural challenges by mobilizing people and resources to address their needs.
Within the next five years, OGC/OMG will become premier dam, irrigation, tunneling and mining engineering company in Afghanistan, by becoming internationally known for geotechnical engineering, environmental and mining consultancy, water resource engineering , geophysics and laboratory testing it offers.