Dams and Water Resources

Dams & Water Resource Department has key role in OGC/OMG because decision making for management and development is closely coupled with evaluation and assessment of parameters related to the water resources and their quantitative and qualitative characteristic.

Mining Engineering

OGC/OMG offers its wide range of services to mining companies, investors, and government sector ...

Geophysical Studies

Geophysics is an interdisciplinary physical science concerned with the nature of the earth and ...

Geotechnical & Geological Studies

Established in 2007, Omran Geotechnic Company (OGC) is a full service geotechnical investigation and engineering company operating throughout Afghanistan. OGC/OMG offers both a local presence and regional focus for providing solutions to complex geotechnical challenges.

Welding Lab

Using state-of-the art testing equipment, OGC/OMG is able to perform welding quality tests on any type of welded structure made from carbon and low-alloy constructional steels.

Consulting Engineering

Our consulting engineering is a professional service that provides independent expertise in engineering, science and related areas to government, industries, developers and construction firms. This includes but not limited to A/E, dam design, QA/AC, mining investigation, construction management, urban development.


Our professional training courses designed to help individuals and organizations reach and stay at leading edge of engineering and technology. We are offering our services in different fields of engineering by relaying on new tools and systems.

Water and wastewater

OGC/OMG technicians at the water and wastewater department carriy out laboratory tests for water and wastewater using modern lab equipment. We also provide engineering services for design, implementation, and maintenance of water and wastewter infrastrauctures and plants.


OGC/OMG provide Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System services. We offer the complete services of GIS and remote sensing techniques to make the best out of your geodata. OGC/OMG also provide Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) mapping services.

Environmental Studies

From Environmental and Social Impact Assessments to Environmental Lab Services, our comprehensive suite of Environmental Studies services provides the expertise and data you need to develop effective Environmental and Social Management Plans that prioritize sustainability and social responsibility.

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